Sat/Saat Vachchan; The Seven Vows; Seek the Divine Grace Within You

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Significance of the 7 vows in Hindu marriage

The ‘seven vows’ or the ‘saat pheras’ around the pious fireshubhvivahweddings(dot)blogspot(dot)in is one of the most prominent and integral rituals of Hindu marriages. Each vow has great mythological importance and with each vow, the couple makes a commitment which is to be fulfilled and which is unbreakable. No Hindu marriage is complete without the completion of these sacred seven vows wherein each vow holds a specific meaning.

So, what do these vows signify? Or what do they mean? The seven vows are even called ‘shaptapadi’ or the seven steps where the groom promises of Karma, Artha and Dharma. These seven vows are supposed to anchor the couple through the tumultuous journey in married life as husband and wife.

First vow – In the first…

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