Divya Kataksham

In this Part we will explore the meaning of the Thirteenth Shloka of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam.

Shloka 13Rudro Bahushira Babhruh Vishvayonih Suchishravah     |
Amrutah SasvataSthanuh Vararoho Mahatapah            ||13||

Bhagavan brings tears of joy to his devotees. He is multi-headed with eyes, ears, hands and feet in all directions and HE supports the earth in his AdiSesha form. He is the root cause of the Universe and one who has divine ears that hear all things Pure. He is insatiable nectar to his devotees and is eternally firm. He is the Supreme Object of Attainment and He is endowed with great knowledge.


This Shloka contains the following 9 Namas:
115.   Rudrah
116.   Bahushirah
117.   Babhruh
118.   Vishvayonih
119.   Suchishravah
120.   Amrutah
121.   SasvataSthanuh
122.   Vararohah
123.   Mahatapah

Now let’s examine the meaning of this Shloka in detail:

115. …

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